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Unlike lingerie that’s strictly for fantasy, the Salons at Secrets In Lace have lingerie that captures a feminine, classic look and can also be worn all day by women who like to feel beautiful under their clothes. We are the exclusive designers of the
Bettie Page Lingerie Collection, the Dita Von Teese Nylon Stocking Collection and have the exclusive Rago Shapewear Salon. In the Leg Salon you will find our World Famous Lingerie Inspired Nylon Stockings and Pantyhose. Our selections range from Fully Fashioned Seamed Stockings, Reinforced Heel and Toe Stockings, Sheer to the Waist Pantyhose, Sheer Heel and Toe Stockings and Thigh Highs. In the Bra Boutique we carry the worlds finest lingerie inspired Curvy Bras, exclusive Retro Circle Stitch Bullet Bras, Push-Up Bras, Strapless Bras and Long Line Bras all with coordinating Garter Belts and Girdles. With a visit to the Sleep Salon you will find Lingerie Inspired Sleepwear, Babydolls and Pajamas and Robes. The Slip Salon has authentic vintage inspired slips, half slips and camisoles. The Shape Salon shows functional and pretty garter belts, girdles, panty girdles and waist cinchers.

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Add some Sparkle to your Wardrobe with our Glimmer Stockings!

At Secrets In Lace, we understand you may not want to spend lots of money on designer clothes. After all, what’s so great about wearing the latest silly trend that will just be out of style next year?  If you are a SIL woman, you would probably rather look elegant and glamorous anyways.  You may even already have some basic pieces in your wardrobe you know you look good in.  But I bet you sometimes wonder how many times can  you wear the same old thing. We have a solution with our Glimmer Stockings! Our stockings will jazz up anything in your closet so you can wear your usual flattering clothes, stand out and look great.  Best of all, our stockings are affordable.  Here are some outfit ideas with our Glimmer Stockings to make your blah wardrobe exciting:
Basic Piece #1: Pencil Skirt - First of all, if you don’t already have a pencil skirt, get one!  It’s sexy and maybe the most useful article of clothing you can own.  They are for work and play plus there isn’t a woman who doesn’t look slimmer, taller, or more whatever they need to be than in a pencil skirt (btw, SIL sells a pencil skirt in black, chocolate and ivory or as I like to call it: winter white). But I digress, most of us ladies have a pencil skirt and if you’re like me, you have worn it million times. I recommend wearing it with  our stockings in shimmering copper.  They make your legs appear tan and look really sexy while adding a special touch to old reliable.
The outfit: Your pencil skirt, SIL Radiance Full Fashion Stockings in copper (9520), your favorite blouse (it can be from a basic white button front or a multi colored Pucci print), and a classic open toe shoe - perhaps ours (7334)?

Basic Wardrobe Piece #2: Little Black Dress - Thank Coco Chanel for the little black dress! Every woman should own one.  However, how many times have you looked at that dress as an option to wear out but felt it just didn’t have enough pizazz? Well, you never have to worry about blending while wearing your dress again if you wear it with our Glimmer Reinforced Heel and Toe Stockings. Wear silver for a very expensive evening look while still having fun!
The outfit:  Your little black dress, SIL Glimmer RHT in silver (9940) and any jewelry from chunky costume pieces to a demure gem pendant – really make it a Chanel look and add pearls.  Finish with our D'Orsay Shoe (7915).

Basic Wardrobe Piece #3: Blazer - Now don’t get me wrong, I love my blazer, but these days it can feel a little ‘dull’er to me.  Still, we ladies can’t live without our blazers and how they make our waistlines look so much smaller! Maybe you can give your blazer the opportunity to be a part of your fun and funky side!  Believe it or not, they can lend themselves to some interesting fashion looks. 
The outfit: Your blazer; push the sleeves up and add a chunky broach! Black or gold camisole like our Dominique Styles (51623 for black and 51623 for gold which is on sale!), add a black mini skirt, SIL Radiance Full Fashion Stockings in gold (9520), and SIL Open Toe Sling Back Shoe (7339). 

So keep these great ideas in mind while deciding what to wear to your New Year’s Eve party.  All three pairs of stockings together probably cost a lot less than if you were to buy just one new outfit.  But be sure to act fast so you don’t miss out!

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