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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bullet Bras: Why We Love Them (and Have for a Long Time)!

Although the bullet bra was an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe in the 40’s, it is making a comeback today.  It never quite went away though – we just appreciated it in different ways over time.  Take a look at how bullet bras have been important in fashion over the decades.
The Bullet Bra became popular during World War II in an attempt to lift spirits.  It was also known as the “torpedo bra” - woman’s fashionable weapon.  As shown it this photo, the chest was meant to look very pointy, even dangerous.
Left: For the projected WWII look, Secrets In Lace’s Coquette Satin Bullet Bra is perfect.
Right: If you don’t fill out a bullet bra just right, Bullet BraPads will help. Our SIL pads are soft, fill out the end of the cup and fit any size.

In the 1950’s and 1960’s, wearing bullet bras underneath sweaters was very fashionable and sexy.

Our LaceOverlay Bullet Bra is a design that was quite popular in the early 1960's but has not been in production since. We have recreated it here exclusively by Secrets In Lace.
During the 50’s and 60’s, bullet bras were emerging as a fashion item that no longer needed to be just worn under a sweater.  Pin up goddesses like Bettie Page wore decorative leopard printed ones.  This was a very good idea.  It was a look and feeling that has been consistently going strong to this very day.

Bettie Leopard Bullet Bra

With the collaboration of Jean Paul Gautier and Madonna on her Blonde Ambition Tour, the bullet bra became a very high fashion costume-like style.  Although very sexy, it was not a wearable look to the average woman.
A much more wearable way to capture the beauty of this type of bullet bra would be like our Padded Bullet Bra.  It’s perfect for smaller chested woman with its flattering yet supportive light padding.

Bullet Bras today are better than ever.  They tend to be simple, satiny and look sexy under clothes or by themselves – very much like our Vibrant Bullet Bra!

Vibrant Bullet Bra

So depending on what kind of bullet bras you are into: extra pointy, printed, dramatic or functional – Secrets In Lace has exactly the styles you want!

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